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Lighting decoration for every venue – modern event and unique climate

Have you dreamt of illuminating your wedding reception with beautiful lights bathed in your wedding colors? If so, then you might just want to consider uplighting for your wedding. What is exactly is uplighting and how can it help transform your wedding?


What is Uplighting?

Recent advancements in technology have led to the development of LED lighting in a variety of formats. Uplighting is just one of these amazing innovations. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to create a soft romantic atmosphere for your wedding, then uplighting can do the trick. Unlike overhead lighting, which can be harsh and unattractive, uplighting compliments the room and gives you the power to choose the color and the ambiance of your special evening.


Perfect for Accenting Wedding Colors

Uplighting is the simplest way to create a seamless display of your wedding colors and preferred décor throughout your reception. Perfect for placement next to interior walls or behind sheer fabric, uplighting gives off a soft yet distinct look that will serve as a focal point for your wedding reception.


No Overhead Lighting Needed!!!

Overhead lights can be cumbersome, sterile, and lackluster at best. They simply cannot create the romantic atmosphere that most brides are looking for. Overhead lights often come across as stuffy and distant, which is the exact opposite of what you like want for your wedding.

Consider uplighting for your wedding reception or ceremony and discover the breathtaking atmosphere that they can create. For a more inviting wedding reception that reflects your style and personality, consider uplighting from Unique Moments Entertainment .


Lightning effects for the wedding – use our projector

If you’re looking for a unique way to customize your wedding, then a custom monogram is perfect for you. Elegant, romantic, and truly special, a custom monogram will personalize your wedding and create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


What is a Custom Monogram?

Put simply, a custom monogram is a custom design illuminated and projected by light on to the floor, ceiling, or walls. It ties together all elements in your wedding theme into one cohesive custom design. It is also extremely cost effective. Creating a high impact focal point for your entire design theme has never been easier than it is with a gorgeous custom monogram. Dictate the colors, font, and design and wow your guests with a truly elegant design touch.

Turn a typically ballroom into a romantic paradise, and transform the atmosphere to fit your preferred theme with a beautifully designed custom monogram.

Dance in the cloud
Dancing in the clouds

Heavy smoke is one of the trendiest attractions. Thick puffs of smoke are flowing low above the floor, create amazing effect as it the newly wed have been dancing in the clouds. Our machines are working on the dry ice basis, which eradicates the fumes out of any smell. It won’t leave any wet stains on the floor nor it won’t make it dirty. Thanks to using our professional machine, we are confident that the final effect will satisfy even the most demanding newlywed couple.


Firework Fontaine

We are offering hiring Firework Fountain, which will be ideal complement to the first dance during your wedding reception!

Fountains are professional generators that shoot upward with real sparks, which will bring delight among all guests and will ensure amazing memories.

Fountains for internal/outer usage, does not create smoke (burning effect), does not generate heating, and what is most important, it is fully safe and there is no chance for burns.

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