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Unique Moments Entertainment 

Music is one of the most important components for a successful and unforgettable celebration.
The right choice of songs and its professional presentation are the key to creating real and unforgettable emotions.

There is no place for compromises nor coincidence. Every point of celebration is meticulously prepared by me and discussed at the early meet ups. I put the best effort to deliver the highest level of service. 

I am doing my best to expose the most important elements of this event, so that they would last long time in the guest’s memory. Precision with selecting good music (during the fun and breaks as well) and skillful, constant hyping the crowd are my tools. I value elegance and sophisticated style.

My DJ Booth has a very aesthetic and modern look call Unique DJ Table, world-class sound system and equipment and non-invasive lighting that draws attention of all guests. This setting creates

perfect background for any wedding venue

I poses extensive experience with hosting wedding celebrations and many more. Years of working in this industry made me confident when creating small, private parties as well as big and elegant celebrations.


I am characterized by high personal culture, full professionalism and individual and unconventional approach to every order.

I am inviting you to non-binding meet up, during which I will display the recipe for unconventional and extraordinary celebration on the highest level.


Kamil Obrycki  

Polish-American DJ/MC Lighting Design


He started as a Dj 10 years ago and to this day it is his passion and a life style. He is the founder and creator of the Unique Moments Entertainment. He speaks two languages: Polish and English.
He is perfectly prepared from the music and technical side and also the visual one. He is getting along really well with artists, singers and instrumentalists. His passion is not only music but interior design and lightnings. For him, the party starts with the first contact with the client. He is a born professional and takes care of every detail of the party. His believes that preparation is the 90% of the success.


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